• Meditation: The Link Between Spirituality and Social Justice

    A true revolution begins with a revolution of consciousness. Starting from the premise that we are all intimately connected, meditation has the power to unlock our hearts, liberate our minds and elevate our consciousness to a place from which we can effect true social change.

    Want to see what an occupied mind looks like? Watch this interview with our program leader Dada Prana, the first person to be arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge last October when the police illegally entrapped and arrested over 700 peaceful protesters.

#OccupyYourMind takes the time-tested practices of Yoga and meditation and integrates them into our larger social existence.


Why meditation?

Meditation is the link between spiritual awareness and social justice. Far from preaching a set of utopian ideals, at #OccupyYourMind we teach you how to use your spiritual journey as an engine in the struggle for a better world.

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#OccupyYourMind runs the most affordable, low-cost meditation retreats in the country. More than just a spiritual “escape” from the world, our events aim to connect our inner spiritual journeys with the struggle for social justice throughout the world.

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